Fully Bespoke web solutions - let technology do the legwork.

Fully Bespoke Web Based Solutions

Elixir Solutions fully bespoke web based solutions service provides exclusive tailor made web solutions for ANY business scenario. In today's computer orientated world massive numbers of businesses make use of web based solutions everyday to automate tasks or simply cut down on excessive manual workload.

Our services can help all kinds of business as they don't use any pre-existing templates, all work we do is from scratch and exclusive to you. We also adopt that age old saying of no job is too big or too small. Web solutions ultimately provide the same end product to the client - to make things easier for you by using the power of today's technology.

bespoke web solutions from Elixir Solutions

" No matter what your business does or how large it is - web based solutions are readily available to make life easier for you. Why not make technology do the legwork for you? "


Below is a sample problem scenario that could make use of a web based solution:

The Problem Scenario - John owns a housing renovation company. He currently has a paper-based system to store all his clients' personal details and job information. His filing cabinet is so full it's about to burst and it takes him an hour to dig out customer's files to add information. John needs a solution that will allow quick and easy input / access to his clients' details and much less paperwork.

The Solution - We replace John's paper-based system with a web-based application that allows all clients' details to be stored remotely and securely. With the new system in place it now takes just seconds to add a new clients' details or call up a old information. Now John has more time to deal with real work and more space in his office thanks to the filing cabinet being removed.  

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