Don't let W3C validation errors limit your websites online potential.

W3C standards compliance & Error Removal

The W3C is the international web standards body, they set out the requirements of well designed and accessible websites. If your website does not meet the requirements of the W3C it will encounter problems with user accessibility and also will not be able to achieve its maximum potential in search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc.

Any web design currently operating in the UK and the rest of the world should produce fully W3C valid sites if they are worth dealing with. When you ask them "Are you website W3C valid?" the answer should be "Yes all sites we produce are W3C valid." and not "Umm, thats something we could probably do yes.."

“Some companies will charge you extra to design a W3C valid and error-free website. Why should you pay to fix their bad habits? ”


As we mentioned before having an standards compliant and error-free site is of crucial importance for two major reasons:

THE FIRST REASON - If your site contains errors then it's very likely that it won't display well in multiple web browsers. For instance someone using Internet Explorer may be able to view and use your site perfectly, but someone else using an alternative browser such as Fire Fox may experience display errors or may not be able to use the site at all. Another concern is your site may be completely in-accessible to users that have disabilities such as visual impairments. The internet was designed to be accessible to everyone so its important from a usability and also legal aspect your website does not discriminate against users with disabilities.

THE SECOND REASON - If your website has what are known as validation errors (where a website does not meet the W3C standards) it could be loosing out on potential success in the search engines. Iin practice the search engines always prefer error-free and standards compliant websites over ones that not. Website errors are somtimes difficult to spot as they are not always obvious however you can use the free online validation checker.

Our W3C validation and error removal service

Our W3C validation and error removal service is designed for clients that currently have a website that is not valid according to the W3C validation checker. As we are experts in standards compliance and error removal we can in most situations remedy all problems with in-valid sites. Once we have ensured your site has been made valid we will ensure it works perfectly on the top 4 browsers available and add the well recognised "W3C valid certified" button on your website you can rest assured that your potential visitors will no longer experience any accessibility problems.


Check your website NOW to see if it is standards compliant and free of errors

If you currently have a website and want to know if its been designed well and conforms to the W3C standards - click here

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